Kosmisch Strahlung Elektron Transfer Ausstrommen
Cosmic Radiation Electron Transfer Emanation


Bond, the discoverer of these processes in Mathematics, Physics including Geology, and related items in living systems of plants, & animals, and the subset, of cells, biochemicals, hormones, has studied at Many Universities & Science Institutes, in America, Australia & Europe.  Mostly for brief courses or seminars.  One being on RadioChemistry by a co-worker of Albert Einstein.  Bond is a Total Non believer in the theory of relativity & “time warp” changes.

Bond has NEVER asked for or taken one dollar for Research funding. Every cent has been earned by him, paid by him, with no intention for having the restriction of some organization, dictating what they want, or taking control of the work or results. Bond has NEVER made any money from this process. Bond does not like appearing in public or speaking, & nearly always works alone.

Some Patents have been done by him in Engineering & Medical.

He does much social work & donates time & money to real needs as medical aid to poor countries.


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