Kosmisch Strahlung Elektron Transfer Ausstrommen
Cosmic Radiation Electron Transfer Emanation


Cancer in a human, or any living cell system, is almost invariably bought about  in the primary step, of depression (REDUCTION) of the normal cell KSETA frequency of the cell. ^ An exception is for cells exposed to high energy radiation as : X-Ray of large amounts or Gamma rays.


Cancer BioPathy Chart at End Below 

Most cancers are caused by the bulk of cells in the body (or a certain area), dropping below normal frequency. This in combination with 2 other factors makes the cell become totally separated from the operating system of the true body. This leads in a real advanced cancer to alteration of the genetic makeup of those cells to where it appears they are fixed into a one way direction to dominate the persons body, placing cells quickly at random, in places which will obstruct correct normal operation of the body, causing most often- Death.

But FALSE : is the generally held opinion of the highest ranked experts in the world today, that this Genetic Alteration is Permanent. 

With treatment using the Principle of KSETA by *Bond- 100% of these out of control cell mutations can be brought back to good in a short time, by various methods ( mostly dependant on the original cause). The treatment may vary slightly, but in general is quick & painless.

As MOST of the cancers of the well overfed, Western world, are caused by eating, some very wrong dangerous foods, which if taken in Precisely Nominated Amounts (*Bond)- they will not normally cause cancer. Therefore these have to be stopped immediately if the person eating them, wants long term permanent CURE.

Small amounts of some foods eaten often as everyday, slowly creep up to a dangerous amount with a few common FOODS being EXTREMELY dangerous.  If you suffer from Cancer of ANY type you should Stop all Milk, or milk products as cheese, yoghurt, or any food containing it until the cancer is Totally destroyed. (# Some amounts can again be taken in EXACT specified amounts after the cancer is clearly cured.) { When totally cured- 300cc per day for an average Male, & 200cc per day for a Female.}

Milk has so many bad things in it, that promote cancer, it is hard to know where to start.  As this is a brief overview of KSETA, and not, an, in detail Scientific document, it is the intention of *Bond to make it very simple & easy to put into practice in almost any circumstance, with minimum cost. Disregarding that some people ( about 90%) of the World population have some degree of allergy to milk, milk mimics female hormones making them far more liable to cancer. Milk contains the second biggest problem in all cancers- the mechanical chemical component, which is about 50% of the cause.  WORST-  milk DEPRESSES the central nervous system + ALL cells in the body ( one of the reasons many in the Western world love to eat it, along with the False doctrine that it is a “Necessary health food for nutrition”. Milk relaxes the taker & makes them feel good. So it is used excessively in places  that it is cheap.

OLD MEDICINE books before hormones & Endocrinology became an advanced science, clearly made a big point of the balance of the Sympathetic & ParaSympathetic balance of the Nerve system, particularly the CNS.  Excess Calcium as in milk & MOST other foods in the modern Western healthy diet which are mostly high in Calcium, are pouring highly dangerous fuel onto the fire of cancer, making it far worse, & will let an advanced cancer leap forward in size & places it goes to.

Milk and High Calcium foods have to be Stopped if you have cancer- until at least the cancer is destroyed, or you make it very hard to cure totally & completely.

By the 8 pointed exchange on the Chemical Periodic Table, elements in the body will increase or decrease, those on the 4 adjacent axis, NS EW or Diagonal, by a balanced feedback system, similar to hormones. Well proved in California over 20 years ago. 

(This element imbalance is relevant in some Mental Diseases- not the scope of this article.) 

Yes many very poisonous Chemotherapy chemicals kill cancer cells + the healthy body more- nearly always it usually returns if the Final 2 steps are not done.
Step 1: High Level cancer cell killers that are natural Elements in a healthy body, which need to be taken to a high amount.
OXYGEN: Cancer is almost always in cells or a body low in Oxygen. This is bought about by Mental or PHYSICAL depression- as it is with excess Calcium.   As written in the brief article about 30  year previous by *Bond-  here is the list in order of BASIC substances which will have the MAJOR effect in KILLING Cancer cells.

1. Oxygen will lift the frequency of the dull sick cells, & Kill the cancer cells if it can get hard physical contact with them. A problem here is cancer in large masses, or small cells, has protection mechanisms to keep this good substance out, as the cancer knows it will die. Therefore that chemical which is  the blocker, has to be eliminated. In the recent few months I have found how to easily do this.

2. Magnesium; While most modern people are quaffing Calcium in big amounts, they are pushing out Magnesium, one of the most lacking elements in the modern human. Magnesium is a Star beyond all others in the body. It will quickly kill cancer if it gets access to it- But the chemical blockers may still be there allowing the cancer to continue- so they have still to be removed.

3. Iodine is a very high frequency substance itself, then goes to make the Thyroid hormones which are also high frequency.

4. Potassium is important not so much for KSETA radiation, as for good electrical conduction, plus it is high frequency but less than Magnesium. Electrical contact to the CNS is absolutely necessary to eliminate cancer, as cancer is unconnected & doesnt know itself, what it is.

5. Adrenaline; This is the Star hormone in the body, carrying very high frequency itself + when it accelerates Oxygen, will often destroy a quite large cancer.  Most hormones are high frequency, but adrenaline burns brightly, is sudden in its effect, & usually low in cancer sufferers.

Some chemicals or elements in the body are approximately neutral, or slightly cancer Increasing- as Sodium. KSETA*BOND.  

Alkaline is slightly cancer reducing.

Acid is slightly cancer causing- except for such as Salicylic Acid, and a few others.  Salicylic acid is Strongly anti cancer. It is better as a conjugated compound with another very strong metal. I have experimented with this extensively.

The danger of acids are the high H+ ion, or pH % Hydrogen ion concentration, which is commonly known to be in all cancers to excess giving a nett positive +charge. The Red KSETA frequency of H+ acts as the Inverse of the Blue-1 of the high frequency cancer cells, making an ideal Resonant<>AntiResonant field.  In mathematical or Physics terms, a Resonant<>AntiResonant field is  the oscillation between high pressure & low pressure . Blue is the High Pressure- Red the Low.

A person serious about killing cancer should ideally get an Oxygen CONCENTRATOR.   A device which increases oxygen output to say 6 litres per minute at 70+%.  This is NOT an ion generator. Normal air Oxygen is theoretically 21% in common air at sea level. This often is not true. Dust particles of a mm can lock thousands of Oxygen ions, making the concentration high, but the availability low.

MAGNESIUM : CALCIUM ratio in FOODS while removing cancer should be kept high. 
That is: Calcium should be kept MINIMUM: 
                            Magnesium= MAXIMUM.
Commonly Mg:Ca is 1:4 , a dangerous ratio. *BOND. Ratio’s higher of 1: 4.5 or more are virtually guaranteed to get cancer, and not eliminate it.  A ratio of Mg:Ca at 1:2 may be safe for a healthy person, but for an advanced cancer sufferer the ratio should be totally reversed to Mg:Ca = 2:1   . The body will operate better at every level like this for an extended time. 

ADRENALINE:  is nearly always lacking in cancer patients. The reason may be part genetic, as they were from parents who were slow moving- or sometimes psychological causes bring about depression of the mind, causing lack of physical movement, bringing on Physical Depression which will slowly drag the cells down and do damage. Ways to correct this are: Physical exercise, if the person is able, or by medicines which will increase it, as pseudophedrine. There is obviously an ideal amount, so that no one should be jumping around like a circus acrobat nonstop, but to get enough adrenaline & oxygen, to survive, epinephrine enhancers may have to be given.

BURNING the Adrenals. This is a rare situation, but as anyone who knows Physiology well, all endocrines reduce in size with age- well known & recorded with autopsy. For those who are excessively driven ( any more than 3000 metres running a day is overdoing it), they will burn the adrenals, as the Canadian runner Fox, who decided he would run across Canada after being “Cured” of cancer. He came to a halt & died soon after from cancer.

SURGERY is definitely needed in come large tumours which are intruding into areas which will cause death. All surgery depresses the normal body cells- so every possible way to lift the common body cells must be taken- more Oxygen, Magnesium, Potassium, Iodine- Before & After.

AstroPhysics of K S E T A.

As Cosmic Radiation comes in from space, it normally brings heavy particles with high charge, which are the highest energy particles in the Universe.  As they land on Earth, they sometimes neutralize locally, but often form groups of Negative (-Ve) or Positive (+Ve) ions. A typical situation is the high Negative charge on mountains, which leads to earth leak electric current back to the Ionisphere. Sometimes this is seen as lightning. Sometimes as a glow over the mountain as Browns Mount, USA. This low current also travels around & through all objects including animals & people, giving specific Frequencies at various parts of their bodies. On a human the Left hand carries a RED color frequency ( is LOWER than the BLUE Right hand ). Every other part has a precise color frequency including internal organs. BUT if the person is unbalanced (sick) these spectra change.

The Spectral Radiance ( Intensity) of this resonance radiation is proportional to the strength of the Local Cosmic Radiation Level.  This changes to a Maximum & Minimum every 24 hours dependant on the place of the Sun from where they are on Earth. Therefore MOST medicines or substances in the body are Sun dependant for intensity. EVERY substance or Medicine carries a KSETA*BOND wavelength-frequency, as well as its other abilities, of messenger-carrier compound, or ANY other process which it has the job to do.

These frequencies visible as common light colors(and in other odd ways), are Cosmic Radiation TRANSDUCED down to the lower Spectras.  No human has a sense of Gamma or higher spectra. But this K S E T A spectra carries various light & Magnetic frequencies.  Rare Sensitive People can clearly identify the different  frequencies & magnetic sensations. Magnetism is identified by these people as basically 3 feelings equivalent to the colors Red Yellow & Blue in a Iron Magnet ( Iron has the MOST BROAD spectra in KSETA of any element), or Hot Medium & Cold. Blue is considered by these people as Cool & Pleasant.

But *BOND,  was the first to record these spectral frequencies on photographic film EVER.

They are named as above: Cosmic Radiation Electron Transfer Emanation, because of some of their characteristics ( There are MANY more).

Electric Charge is recorded as:    Positive =  Red, &  Negative= Blue.

A healthy human prefers the sensation of Blue, being themselves basically light Red ( probably due to a degree to the acidity of normal blood) . But in more detail, those who are sensitive, prefer a Blue right hand in contact with a Red left, & detest Blue against Blue, or Red against Red.

Some items they identify are:       Sulfur= Blue,      Titanium=White ( Very high frequency approaching UV), 

 Copper= Blue & Green

 Flowers are Multi colored

Moonlight = Red

Sun= Yellow-Blue-White

Friction= Red

Effervesence= Bright White

Dead bodies= grey or brown

This Resonance travels through Iron wire at approx 60 metres per minute.

Hundreds of other items have been recorded.

Bacteria have occasionally been seen but are difficult due to absorption of energy of the low intensity by the glass lenses.

Virus is particularly hard to see due to size, but some can be calculated- as they will always be against their AntiResonant frequency to survive. Otherwise they die.

Some biology is cunning & strange > Staph Aur ( Gold Staph) which appears clearly Yellow in bulk on the skin, is in fact Blue-Violet, but knows to encase itself in a AntiResonant waterproof Xanthine shield of Yellow. This keeps it at maximum KSETA intensity, and almost untouchable.

Cancer BioPathy Chart Below 

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 The above symbol is the base cause of All cancers
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