Kosmisch Strahlung Elektron Transfer Ausstrommen
Cosmic Radiation Electron Transfer Emanation


The Experiments done by Bond are Very extensive- so much so that the majority of his work is not research running back over other people's work,
  but hard physical original experiments, with real devices made by him on real objects, with if needed real people to trial on.

Some have been physically risky. Some of the places where original KSETA experiments were carried out were very dangerous (Matterhorn the mountain). As some chemicals given to self or others.

A few Bond experiments done going back far more than 20 years are: First ever Electro Anaesthetic device built in the world outside Russia * The critical finding here was the placement of the Electrodes was most critical to get good results. The attitude of the few Medical experts on this was- “Well we are doing very well with the current medicines we use for surgery so we are not interested” # A person under anaesthetic is in a close to death situation, many have bad reactions- if they have Cancer, the anaesthetic greatly depresses cell KSETA frequency, allowing the cancer to take over far more. Many people over 60 have mild to severe Permanent memory loss from modern anaesthetics. To reduce the chemicals injected in surgery is safer & better- where ElectroAnaesthetic is used the patient comes out far quicker & clearer. *Bond.

The first experiment done by Bond in hard Physics was the prediction of laminar magnetic fields in Gravity- 100% as predicted as shown by the test in Santa Cruz USA.  This field of work is stagnant for the last 30+ years. No one has ever done anything on it since.

Current theories are convoluted unreal & not proved or really proveable in most cases as put forward by most of the “Experts”- but they will happily take grants over many years, publishing hundreds of papers, referring to others who agree with them.

As much as Bond finds the science of the Universe greatly interesting ( and Much more is needed on the Principles & Operation of the Sun), the Urgent need is in the Health of Humans.  So that is where a large amount of experiments have been done.

In the poorer countries the main cause of death is infections as Malaria, TB, AIDS etc. These can all be treated by KSETA when the correct (often very complex wave form is known).

There are 5 methods of Death.

One is: faults in a persons, Carrier Chemicals, ( Hormones). An excess, or lack of almost any of the major Endocrine glands, to extreme either way, will make them sick, or dead.

KSETA is one ONE of those 5 systems.

If the Frequency-Wavelength of the various cells is wrong, they do not do the job they are normally supposed to do. This lets in bacteria-virus-fungus etc which would most probably be repelled if the cells were operating at maximum efficiency.

Hormones are very critical in the KSETA system. Hormones carry their own specific waveform frequency.

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