Kosmisch Strahlung Elektron Transfer Ausstrommen
Cosmic Radiation Electron Transfer Emanation

 Special Notes 

There is need for specialist diagnosticians.

These may or may not be fully qualified Medical Practitioners, but who are dogged Investigators, into the very fine detail of patients who either have cancer, where the  base original cause is not easily apparent, or other long term chronic disease or symptoms.

Most probably they will do 3 or 4 years with basic Physiology Anatomy, possibly Psychology. Chemistry & Advanced Physics of course. (Modern Medicine, now uses more principles of Physics than Chemistry- particularly in diagnoses with X-Ray, & all types of scans, even chemicals are picked up in high level Spectrographic devices, Electron Microscopes etc).  Surgery would not need to be done.  It may well be part 1 of a Medical Degree where another optional 1 or 2 years may be done with Surgery & Pharmacology.

New Radical Ideas:  Any new idea should be considered as possible, even if not understood- such as Professor X in New York who is saying 90% of people have an Allergy to Wheat. The % number seems too high- but MAY be true, to different amounts.  Hard grains are a trendy new idea for humans, possibly only going back a few thousand years, maybe no more than 12,000 or far less. As much as that seems a Long time at 12,000 years, in human existence of being similar to what we are now (approximately)- that is short compared to the 2 Million years since we genetically veered away from monkeys or apes. When animals are given an option of eating almost exclusively 1 convenient food as it has high energy & mineral content + keeps for a long time, they are mostly going to think it is great. But any odd food introduced reasonably quickly, say over 30 years, making up the bulk of their diet, could cause their long term adapted system to fruit & vegetable, to object, & in some cases to extreme, as seen in severe & dangerous Allergy.  Maybe he is right- or right in some cases, but definitely worth very serious consideration. It may stop some people living a miserable sick existence when by dumping wheat or some other item, they can go back to the primitive fruit & vegetable.

Special Foods to Take or STOP to effect Cancer:

1. If you have cancer stop ALL types of powders (Flours), these cause more damage than you can imagine, if very fine, from ANY grain, whether wheat, rice, peas or other. Powders are so dangerous, that even womens cosmetic powders, are transferred into the skin & may cause cancer.  Complete grain bread to 200g per day is good in a healthy person.

2. Bananas must be stopped if you have cancer. The benefit of the Potassium will be lost many times more by the mucoids in banana. # In a surgery theatre, on removing a cancer, hold it in your hand, & note there are only 2 types by feel- the lumpy fat based encasement, or the second type with a slimy mucoid encasement. Excess fat brings on the first, & incorrect sticky mucoids the second.

Stop Potatoes.  

Some Ideal Foods if you have cancer are:

Tomatoes, Green Beans, Cabbage & that family, Red Spanish onions, Kent or Blue Pumpkin (NO other pumpkin), then most vegetable & fruits ( particularly Black seeded grapes), with protein from Eggs, Fish & small amounts of less than 400g per week of other meats. 

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